D. Mohan Kumar M.Sc., M.Phil, is a Selection Grade Lecturer in Animal Science. He has been guiding Post Graduate students in Animal Science research for the last 25 years in several premier institutions in Kerala, India. Presently he is working in the PG department of Zoology, Govt. College for Women, Trivandrum,Kerala. He is an avid electronics enthusiast and has been designing circuits for the past 20 years. In this period he has supported many electronics/electrical engineering students in their final year projects. He is a regular contributor to Electronics For You magazine which is South Asia’s largest circulating Electronics Magazine published from New Delhi.

He is also contributing articles in http://www.electroschematics.com, the Website from Romania.This page will be updated with topics related to  Electronics.The postings will be mainly Hobby circuits, Components and their  identifications, Data sheets , theory etc .The topics are distributed in various categories given in the front page.You can select the category to view the postings.

Articles related to Electronics and Animal Science are available in dmohankumar.wordpress.com

Your feed back will definitely improve the contents.Bookmark this page for easy access.You can mail to mohanwordpress@gmail.com to get circuits and articles.You can also submit articles and circuits via email to publish in this blog

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