FM modules with USB function

The FM modules with USB function of Vire Silicon. Co Ltd is an excellent miniature FM module with USB input and digital display for functions. It is available as assembled board with remote.The VIRE-FM 01C FM –USB Module is available as readymade assembled board. Its output can be connected to power amplifier or into the amplifier of VCD player, Car stereo etc.

The module has the following important features
Item .No.VIRE-FM-003-01

1. FM Channels 87.5 – 108 MHz
2. Song number display
3. Song selection mode
4. Auto channel scan and save provision
5. Digital volume level display
6. Forward and backward selection
7. Volume Up /down buttons

The circuit board is available as kits with connecting wires. It is necessary to connect Remote Sensor, USB socket and Amplifier with speaker. The circuit requires 5 Volt regulated power supply.


On the PCB, there are markings for wire connections and wire sets are provided along with the kit. The markings on the back of the PCB indicates

IR Sensor TSOP 1738 connection

G-Ground – Pin1 of sensor
R1 – Output of Sensor-Pin 3 of sensor
3.3 V Supply – Pin 2 of sensor
Connect the wires connected to these points to the sensor

USB Connection

1. GND
2. DP
3. DM
4. 5V- 5 Volt will be available from the board itself

Output to Amplifier

L – Left channel
G – Ground
R – Right channel

Volume control

Use a 10 K Lin dual volume control between the output lines (L and R) of the module and the amplifier. Set minimum volume (2 to 4) in the module using remote and adjust 10 K pot to get clear sound from the speaker. Then increase the volume using remote to the required level. The module can give 1 to 50 range volume.


Antenna is necessary if the signal strength is weak .Connect 30 cm plastic wire to the point ANT on the PCB

5 Volt regulated power supply is necessary for the circuit. Make a regulated power supply with IC 7805 with 1000 uF filter capacitor. If the power supply is not well regulated or with ripples, performance of the circuit will be poor.

Remote less operation

On the PCB, connections V+, PM, CH V-, P etc are given to connect membrane switches for manual operation.

FM Module

The FM board is manufactured by VIRE SILICON CO., LTD.
Data source
For more details:

FM-USB Module with SD Card reader – Pin connection

The FM board has delicate components. Connect wires carefully. To get FM stations programmed, first use a long plastic wire as antenna. There is a point in the board ANT to connect antenna. If you scan FM stations, it will automatically search all the available stations and save the stations as 1, 2, .3 etc. After that a short piece of wire 30 cm is sufficient for antenna. Another important thing is power supply. Use a 5 volt regulated supply with heat sink for the board and 12 volt 500 mA for amplifier. Use a10 K Log dual pot as volume control. If there is a hum from the speaker, not connect the Gnd wire of output (that is output to volume control. connect only two lines) to the volume control.
The virenet also released boards having front panel with fixed USB socket and SD card reader, mp4, video boards etc. All these boards are available in the market.

Article in Word format is available in Design Note page

D.Mohan kumar


About D.Mohankumar

D. Mohan Kumar M.Sc., M.Phil, is an Associate Professor from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. He has been guiding Post Graduate students in Animal Science research for the last 25 years in several premier institutions in Kerala, India. He is an avid electronics enthusiast and has been designing circuits for the past 20 years. In this period he has supported many electronics/electrical engineering students in their final year projects. He is a regular contributor to Electronics For You magazine which is South Asia’s largest circulating electronics magazine published from New Delhi. He is also contributing articles in and
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15 Responses to FM modules with USB function

  1. sagar says:

    USB ok, but the radio not working.display shows “NO”

  2. sagar says:

    USB port working properly and also the remote,but ‘mode’ not changed to radio.When drive not connected in USB port the radio not working that is no sounds[mute],the led display shows ‘no’and the remote also not working.

  3. Kaushik says:


    I have connected the board as per the connection mentioned in your diagram. But Sound from USB is not comming. FM is good. Checked with Diff. pen drive still not working. Checked with different speaker(Amplifier) also. Same issue. Checked with a head phone directly connecting. But FM is good and usb playing but no sound. Shows the song name. Ultimately brought another new board but same issue there. Re-verified USB connections. Still not working. Please help.

  4. binoy says:

    sir where would i get this kit ? iam from thrissur.

  5. mahesh says:

    hi sir …….good morning …….radio is playing well…………but if i connect the pendrive or card reader in usb port then ir sensor not working……………and not playing usb mp3

  6. avin says:

    i need how to connect to other device sir . i need full wiring picture sir . new product

  7. Midhun n says:

    Sir i am doing a usb as per the connection,fm is working good but the usb not working.if i connecting the usb,board is detecting it them return to fm. What is the actual problem please help me

  8. dhaval varia says:

    Dear sir,
    I got some problem in VIRE Mp3 player.Would you please send me circuit diagram.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. pankaj patel says:

    hi sir i have 2 bord 1 is insert pen drive is not work Or 2 is bord pen drive working but Fm is not work pls shortout my issue in Fm sound is come & channal also chang but audio is not come

  10. MANOJ says:

    The New board of vire is with aux connection and aux vol and tone is also controlling , So the new board along with an amplifier of Dual 4440 or STK 4141 can be used to build an good receiver amplifier with digital controls instead of potentiometers
    I have personally used a dual 4440 car stereo old board with New Vire module with panel and an 12volt 5 ampere SMPS + LM7111 5V regiuator. it is nicely working with my 32 inch LED tv as AUX input,

  11. Vaibhav Shinde says:

    Sir, pls let me know.. how can we connect sd card socket. Please explain connection diagram of the same..!! Also I want to power it via nokia battery. Please comment for that and provide circuit with charging connection via USB.

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